Hello! Welcome to SunRae Visuals

We are Sasha Rae and Tameka Shay, independent artists based in Baltimore, Maryland. 

For as long as we can remember, art has been a passion of ours. In one form or another, it has had a profound impact on each of our lives over the years. Art is a place where we both feel truly at home, and it is why we call what we do pouring with a passion. We love creating one-of-a-kind pieces that bring joy to our customers!

Tameka and I discovered the acrylic pour technique in 2019 while taking a class and found an instant connection to the medium. We like to say that acrylic pour is like a metaphor for letting go and accepting things as they're meant to be: You choose the colors you love, pour them out on the canvas, then stand back to see what develops. 
The color palettes we work with are often inspired by Earth elements, but they can also be whatever ignites that creative "spark" in the moment. Each piece is lovingly poured and 100% original. Because we believe in creating minimal waste, we use any excess paint or materials to make jewelry, bookmarks, keychains, and many of the other unique pieces you'll find in our store. (That's where the "& more" comes from in our slogan!)

SunRae Visuals creates one-of-a-kind acrylic pour and mixed media paintings on canvas, wood, and denim. We also offer beautiful wood and resin multipurpose trays, charcuterie boards, trinket dishes, plant holders, ashtrays, resin and ceramic coaster sets, decorative resin letters, bookmarks, night lights, and hand-painted denim jackets. 

When creating each piece or collection, we focus on our core values and the message we hope to project to the world. Some of those core values include: 
• Pride – A percentage of all sales from items in our Pride Collection is donated to LGBTQ+ organizations and causes. 
• Empowerment – A percentage of all sales from items in our We Matter Collection is donated to organizations making a difference in minority spaces. 
• Preservation – We strive to be as eco-friendly as possible at every stage of creation, from the materials we use to our packaging and shipping supplies.

Looking for something special? We love custom orders!

While no piece of art can be replicated, we are happy to create similar styles in custom colors just for you. Just tell us what inspires you and we will create an exclusive piece that matches your personal taste. We can also create branded items. 

SunRae Visuals (a name inspired by Sasha's love of sunflowers) was founded in 2017, which also happens to be the year we met. Looking back, it's still hard to believe we created so many beautiful things from within the walls of a tiny studio apartment. Fast forward to today, where our home has plenty of space for conceptualizing and creating art—plus a She-Shed/art studio in the works.

Though we hit a few bumps along the path, including recently having to navigate our business through a global pandemic, we are thrilled to be realizing our dream once again and pouring (pun intended) all of our creative energy into SunRae Visuals. Between the two of us, we design and create everything sold in our online shop and Etsy store. 

Of course, like many artists, we both still manage full-time "day jobs" (for now). But our hope is that as our business continues to grow, we will have more flexibility and be able to create a better work-life balance for our future family. 

For us, making art is a way to connect with and highlight what truly matters in our lives—and being able to share that passion with you is an indescribable joy. 

Thank you for being on this incredible journey with us!

—Rae & Shay 𑁍

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